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The Roads We Walk

todd banks

This 2011 release has been called "his greatest recording to date". This features the technical Illuminations, Bohemian Love, Rapture Belief, and Coronation. This album contains 17 beautiful piano tracks.

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todd banks

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Released in 2005, this album features his most popular song, Joline's Walk (a wedding March) , which was written for his niece. It also features The Joy of My Heart , Circle of Life, and Celebration of a Life. This is his best selling album.

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1984    Psychic Warrior             Airy-ell                             Device Records           vocals, bass, keyboards

1986    Foundation                    First Foundation               Device Records           bass

1987    Foundation                    Second Foundation           Device records            bass

1987    Top Notch                      Prime Cuts                        Fisher Records           bass, vocals

1988    Triad                              Full Chord                         Device Records          bass

1989    The Black Watch            Short Stories                     Eskimo Records         bass

1990    Carbon 14                       Artifact                             Vampyre Records       bass, bass synth

1991    Carbon 14                       Together                            Vampire Records       bass, bass synth

1992    Carbon 14                       X-ray                                 Vampyre Records      bass, bass synth

1992    Carbon 14                       The Unearthed Collection  Vampyre Records     bass, bass synth

1994    Todd Banks                    Landscapes                         Device Records         piano

2000   Compilation                   Lefty Bass Volume 1           Lefty Bass                 bass

2000   Todd Banks                    Dreamscapes                      Device Records         piano

2002   Compilation                   Lefty Bass Volume 2           Lefty Bass                bass, guitar, percussion

2002   Todd Banks                    Landscapes (remastered)    Device Records        piano

2003   Todd Banks                    Spirit Walk                          Device Records       vocals, guitar, bass, percussion

2004   Compilation                   Lefty Bass Volume 3            Lefty Bass               bass, guitar, percussion

2005   Todd banks                    Lifescapes                             Device Records        piano

2011    Todd Banks                    The Roads We Walk             Device Records        piano